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Gillian's with Amy on hating the WAG tag – Niall

THE WAG debate rages on. Actress Amy Huberman has made no secret of her hatred for the title attributed to the other halves of sporting stars.

And the wife of rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll is not the only one.

Former Irish footballer Niall Quinn has revealed his wife, model Gillian Quinn (right), is an even harsher critic of the title.

In fairness, she's had to deal with it for a lot longer.

"If Amy hates being called that, Gillian hates it a lot more," Niall told the Diary.

"She is definitely not a fan of the name," he laughed.

The couple, who married in 1992, first met 23 years ago when Niall was a young footballer with the Irish team and Gillian was 18 and working as a model.

The mum-of-two is still signed to Andrea Roche's model agency and is a keen horse rider as well as a qualified Pilates instructor.

"That label has been floating around for years and it's never been something I agree with," explained Niall.

"Gillian has always made her own work and followed her own ambitions.

"When she wasn't working, she was busy being a mum to our kids, so to call her that is unfair," he added.

Gillian (41), who models part-time and is now studying, maintains that she is too old to be thought of as WAG. "I am way too old to be a WAG.

"I'm old enough now, at this stage, to be their mothers."

Life as a footballer's other-half is not all about glamorous parties and no-expense-barred purchases, according to the pretty brunette.

"You don't know what other players are earning or whether they had blown every penny, but I did think to myself a few times 'you are in for a hell of a shock once the footballer stops earning'," she said.





While the couple aren't too keen on the WAG title, they have a more relaxed approach to it than new golden girl Amy Huberman.

The former Clinic star and author of chic lit novel Hello Heartbreak has described the term as "derogatory".

"Being labelled Mrs Brian O'Driscoll makes me more defiant. I don't really tolerate men bracketing me as a fluffy WAG," the mum-of-one said recently.

"(The term WAG) is 100pc derogatory. Even if you decided you wanted to be a stay-at-home mum and that was your job, why should you be defined in relation to your man?" she added.