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Gillian unveils her stunning new look

Gillian Quinn revealed a stunning new look when she appeared on the Late Late Show last night alongside husband Niall.

Gone were the flowing long curls, for a shorter, straight sleek hair-do for the glam mum of two.

In the interview with Ryan Tubridy, she talked of the early days of her romance with Niall, who became one of the most recognised men in Ireland after an illustrious 16-year international footballing career.

Gillian, who wore a stunning peach-coloured dress, revealed that the couple first met at a Dublin event. At that time Niall was based in Manchester and eventually Gillian decided to join him there.

"We just thought, if we are ever going to give this a go, I am the one that has to move," she said.


She said that they moved back from Britain about six years ago, when the children were aged nine and six.

"We had figured that once Niall had finished football, we were always going to come back because if we'd stayed on and they were in their teens or older, it might be harder to get them to come back with us."

She said that Niall had spent 20 years over there to her 13. She said it was a real wrench to leave, but Ireland is home.