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Gillian needs no knives to stay beautiful -- just healthy living and 'pricey potions'

Model mum Gillian Quinn insists her fresh-faced beauty is all natural.

The footballer's wife turned TV presenter -- who could pass for her model daughter Aisling's older sister -- insists that she has never gone under the knife.

Instead Gillian puts her smooth skin and wrinkle-free appearance down to expensive lotions and potions and a gruelling exercise regime.

The glamorous WAG went on to explain how she believes her short bob-style haircut, which she has now had for a year, also adds to her youthful appearance.

"It's all down to spending lots of money on expensive creams, eating healthily and looking after myself," she told the Herald.

"I teach a couple of pilates classes a week, which helps to keep me in shape and look and feel healthy.

"I'm also very careful about what I eat, and I drink lots of water throughout the day. I suppose the haircut takes a couple of years off my face as well.

"I certainly haven't touched botox or anything like that. I would never say never. Maybe someday down the line but right now I have no plans to go down that route," she added.


Gillian recently began working on new internet channel Kildare TV, where she presents the weekly Gillian Quinn Show.

Former Ireland footballer Niall Quinn's glamorous other half says she loves her new role in front of the cameras and is hoping it might develop into further television work in the future.

"It's all going really well. I'm enjoying it very much and we've been quite busy with different things over the past couple of weeks.

"I have free reign over what we include on the show but generally we keep it Kildare-focused.

"If it leads to other things then wonderful, if not then I won't be too upset. I was absolutely petrified when I did the first show, I was like a deer caught in the headlights, but I think I'm improving slightly each week.

"I can still only bear to watch the programme once and I can't stand to watch it in front of anyone else.

"When it comes on I send Niall and the kids out of the room," she laughed.

Gillian was the star at the launch of the Cannonball run on Merrion Square, which takes place in aid of the Kildare-based Barretstown Children's Charity.