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Gillian -- I quit TV to spare my children's blushes

YUMMY mummy Gillian Quinn (38) has revealed how she cut back on her work with Midday because she didn't want to embarrass her children.

The glamorous wife of Sunderland boss Niall Quinn, who has two children Aisling (17) and Michael (13), has explained that she decided to stop doing the TV3 programme for fear it would impact on her family life.

"There are certain things that I would have done when I was working occasionally on Midday which put me under a lot of pressure," she said.

"If some of the topics were to do with teenagers, I had to be very aware that I didn't embarrass them by making a show of them or by saying something that would upset them or make them targets to be slagged by their friends and it got quite difficult to do that programme because of that so I haven't done it since.


"I did it for a few weeks but I was under too much pressure to say the right thing, you can't express your opinion freely on TV without people ringing in so I just thought it wasn't worth it."

The top model continued: "It's not worth it for me to make a show of my kids on telly. For me to be on telly and for them to be upset with me, it's not just worth it so I just thought 'forget it'."

The Kildare WAG, who's also a keen equestrian fan, also revealed to Woman's Way the secret of her happy marriage to the former Ireland soccer star, which has lasted nearly 20 years.

"What's always worked for us is that we're not in each other's faces 24 hours a day," she continued. "From the very start he was always away a lot playing football, he's away quite a lot too."