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Getting to grips with the real stars

Forget any notions about Louis Walsh or Noel Edmonds being the star of the show -- on Deal Or No Deal, it's all about the boxes.

In fact, they even come with their own list of eyebrow-raising instructions about how to treat them. We're told we must put our left arm diagonally across the box, to pull the tag out with our right hand and then, very slowly, open up the box and keep it open.

The box then has to be stowed on the shelf underneath the counter and we're told not to put the tag inside the box as "it makes the box look like a waste-paper bin".

It adds: "There is no reason for you to be handling, touching or leaning on your box at any stage other than when asked to do so within the game. This is for your own protection as not only are the boxes valuable and easily damaged, they also contain significant amounts of money unknown to anyone but the independent adjudicator."

There's also some strict guidelines when it comes to our outfits on the show. We're told to bring along three outfits in order to have a good mix of colour on the panel and thankfully, my blue Fran and Jane dress gets the go-ahead. I'm hoping it will bring Louis luck and the colour of it will match the figure inside the box.