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Gerry's son has star quality -- director

GERRY Ryan's son Rex landed a role in a Fringe Festival play thanks to his own star quality, the director said.

The young actor made his debut at The Circus Of Perseverance at the festival this week, a show that is being described as a "high-spirited, comedic tribute to Dublin City".

In the promotional video, Rex is shown climbing the railings of the Hapenny Bridge, topless and roaring like a lion.

And the production promises more madcap antics featuring clowns and lion tamers, something that Rex's father Gerry would have approved of.

Director Philip Doherty said that he "hadn't a clue" that Rex had a showbiz father but identified him as a star in the making in another show.

"I was at the Gaiety School of Acting final end of year showcase and Rex just stood out," he told the Herald.


"I didn't know who he was. I asked Shane Carroll (another actor in The Circus Of Perseverance) to ask him to audition and he did a great audition.

"He just gelled with the cast and the group. It is a real ensemble piece. Rex is one of the reasons there is so much energy in the show."

Philip said that the idea behind the 'circus' came to him while he was sitting in a cafe in Dublin.

"If you are ever sitting in a cafe and you take a deep breath and look around you and listen to the absurd conversations, it feels like you are in a circus," he said.

"In Dublin there are so many characters and hustle and bustle going on around the city."

Philip, who set up the theatre company in Cavan, said that the show was a radical adaptation of The Castle Of Perseverance, the oldest English play written in the vernacular about virtue and sin fighting each other.

"After the Celtic Tiger, everyone sinned so much in Ireland. But I wanted to see how people pull the virtue out of that."

Rex, Gerry's eldest son, said that he was looking forward to getting his teeth into the role.

"I'm very proud of the hard work that the ensemble cast which I am part of has put into this great show," he told the Herald.

The Gonzo Theatre show runs until tonight on St Augustine's Street, Christchurch.