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Gerry's last act of loyalty to Morah

GERRY Ryan may have split from his wife Morah two years ago, but the star vowed to keep his promise and never reveal why they parted ways.

The broadcaster, who died last week, told his good friend and colleague Ryan Tubridy that he would never reveal the details as to why they ended their 26-year marriage in 2008.

During an episode of Ryan Confidential, the Late Late Show host (53) began grilling the radio star about their split, but he refused to discuss it.

"It's only your business at the end of the day and I will not talk about it," he said.

He went on to describe the mum of five as "an amazing, gentle person, beautiful, gorgeous ... to this day" and described her as having an "otherworldly quality" about her.

During the interview, he did admit that he missed living with his five children, Lottie (24), Rex (20), Bonnie (17), Elliot (14), Babette (10).

But when Tubridy asked him if he missed being married, Ryan said that he simply could not answer the question.

"I can't answer that. Because we said we had no more to say about it. I am desperately trying to keep to that deal.

"We talked about one last act of loyalty that I may actually fulfil or commit to," he said.

Tonight's special airing of Ryan Confidential will relive highlights of the interview, in which Gerry also tragically added where he saw his life in 10 years time.

"I would like to see my children settled. I'd like them to have finished their education and got jobs that they liked. I'd like them to be happy, and surrounded by smiling faces."