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Gerry -- why I stalled my girl's career in showbiz

Gerry Ryan has revealed how he banned his second daughter Bonnie from quitting school in favour of a showbiz career.

The tough-talking dad told the Herald how he put his foot down last year and forbid the teen from following in her big sister, Lottie's footsteps by pursuing a life in the limelight.

Three years ago, Bonnie (17) and her school pals, Pippa and Jessie, were making waves in the music world as all girl-group, Lady Nada, after being handpicked to support Westlife on their Love Tour.

They also supported former X Factor winner Shayne Ward on his debut European tour in 2007.

However the trio have since put their pop-ambitions on hold, with Gerry admitting he and the young teen were at loggerheads for a time over his laying down the law and making her focus her attention on her studies.

The RTE star says he will forever be known as "the evil father" as a result.

"Both the girls have got the show-off disease like myself," Gerry explained.

"Bonnie not so long ago was on tour with Westlife and Shayne Ward but all that's stopped now.


"I will be forever the evil father because of it, but I told her she has to do her Leaving Cert first and get her exams. Education is very important and it will all pay off in the end.

"When that's over and done with then she can get back on the stage."

Gerry claims that not everyone agrees with his tough stance, but insists he will continue to instil the importance of education to his children, with his youngest two, Elliott (14) and Babette (10) still in school.

Like her two older sisters, Babette has already been showing signs of following in her dad's footsteps and is keen on acting.

According to the dad of five: "Louis Walsh disagrees with me. He thinks I should have let her (Bonnie) keep going while she was doing so well, but I think, get stuck into the exams and then she can get on with the performing.

"It will be the same for all of them.

"Bonnie's very confident they will be huge someday. She was telling me that someday she'll be the face of Ben and Jerry's ice cream so watch out world," he laughed.

The 53-year-old 2FM star says he's delighted that his eldest child, Lottie, formally known as Charlotte is doing so well with her own media career.

The aspiring TV personality has just signed a deal to present a new series, which will focus on being the child of a famous parent. Gerry says that Lottie has all the right credentials to host the show and claims that growing up in a showbiz family will stand to her, given the nature of the topic.

"I'm delighted that Lottie is doing so well and I think the concept for her new TV show is a great idea," he said.

"I mean if it doesn't come naturally to Lottie then it's not going to come naturally to anyone," he added.