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Gerry steps up his weight fight as diet goes pear-shaped

GERRY Ryan has confessed that his weight loss has stalled after initially shedding a stone ahead of the latest series of Operation Transformation.

The RTE broadcaster embarked on a new diet last year before the launch of the hugely popular health series, but admitted he is now struggling to keep the pounds off.

Speaking to the Herald, the father-of-five said: "I'm the unhealthiest person on the red carpet. I lost a stone before Operation Transformation just so that I could say it. I'm trying to keep to it."

The 53-year-old surprisingly adopted his own unique slim-down technique rather than following the advice of fitness and nutrition experts from the hit programme, all of whom he has on speed-dial.

"I have tried some of the methods of Operation Transformation but I'm sticking with the Gerry Ryan method, which is eat less than you did yesterday," he said.

The presenter previously admitted his personalised diet was "kind of working", explaining: "My diet is just eat two cream buns instead of four."

But Gerry has now purchased some new exercise equipment in a bid to finally conquer his battle with the bulge after years of yo-yo dieting, during which he even tried slimming pills.


He initially tried to use intensive spinning classes to lose weight but has now revealed: "I bought myself a stepper in the sale in Elvery's -- it's not as bad as the spinning."

And although he admitted he finds the exercise particularly gruelling and painful, he hopes to keep it up.

The broadcaster said his girlfriend, Melanie Verwoerd, has given up trying to advise him when it comes to his diet.

"She is much healthier than I am. She is very conservative and well behaved. She doesn't drink, she doesn't smoke, and she eats proper food. She doesn't give me advice, she just sort of drops her head in sorrow and frustration."

But despite his own lack of enthusiasm for exercise, Gerry said he is still enjoying helping others get fitter on Operation Transformation.

"I get a kick out of anything that is successful and that works," he said.

Final figures from the last series of the programme, which came to a close earlier this month, revealed a combined overall weight loss of an incredible 71 stone, 5 pounds among this year's contestants.

RTE said that the Operation Transformation website was viewed over three million times and the TV programme attracted nearly a half-a- million viewers.