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Gerry hangs out with his old pal Jon, Jolie's dad

Oscar-winner Jon Voight has told of his delight at catching up with Herald columnist and old pal Gerry O'Carroll.

The charming father of Angelina Jolie spent the weekend catching up with the Kerry-born retired detective after inviting him to attend the Irish Film and TV Awards.

The two met each other while Voight (71) was filming a movie based on the life of the notorious crime figure Martin Cahill after Gerry was appointed as his voice coach.

"I came to work on The General and I said I've got to go and work with someone who's a policeman, a detective who really knows the scene.

"They gave me over to a fella named Gerry O'Carroll and he's a fantastic fella," Voight explained.

"He's a very colourful, wild kind of character. We got along right away. The first thing he said to me was 'let's go have a pint'.

"I said 'OK let's go', so we went down to the pub and I just finished that much of my pint and I was drunk out of my mind!

"I'm a lousy drinker anywhere and I walk out of the pub and there's no sidewalk and I almost get hit by a lorry. And Gerry pulls me back and he looks at me and goes 'you're not even the second cousin of a drinker!' That's why I'm only having the one pint tonight."

The Deliverance star also spoke out about the non-stop rumours surrounding his world-famous daughter and partner Brad Pitt.

The grandfather to their six children told of his frustration at the constant speculation that they have broken up and insisted the Hollywood power couple were still together.

"I'm upset by all these nonsense rumours. I just think it's disgusting and I don't know how to stamp them out so I'm going to see the kids tomorrow.

"It's hard to put out all the fires, you'd spend a lifetime doing that. I think for the most part, the paparazzi are just people looking to make a dollar. I don't begrudge them that, getting a story of whatever but when they start making stuff up, it goes over the line and I don't like it. You get angry with this stuff."