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Gerry had to wash in dirty water

DJ Gerry Ryan has called on local councils to give him back his dignity after he revealed he had been forced to wash in dirty water.

The presenter was without water for five days following the recent Big Freeze and blasted authorities yesterday for not warning people that they would be without water.

Ryan, who is renowned for his loudmouth blasts, went into shocking detail when describing how his family had dealt with the shortage.

He was amazed by the fact that an EU member state would have to deal with issues like this in the 21st Century.

"There has been another wave of very depressing things happening, including shaving myself in the same water that my daughter washed in yesterday," he said.

"Then, I drank some of it, then I put some into the loo and then the loo wouldn't flush properly."

Ryan called for clarity on the water crisis. "Just tell us when it's coming on for that golden trickle of 15 minutes," he said.

"If we at least knew you could get out your jam jar and put it under the tap, it would be a help, why can't it be on a website or announced on the radio?

"For God's sake this isn't Haiti, this is a first world, western seaboard European Union country.

"It's ridiculous. I haven't had water in five days. It's so undignified, it's so unpleasant."

However, with 20,000 homes in Dublin suffering water shortages, the city council has confirmed it will be four months before water levels are fully restored.