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Gerrard's hands-on in new restaurant

England footballer Steven Gerrard has found a new job -- as a handyman.

The Liverpool captain put in a day's work helping to build a wall at his new restaurant.

The 29-year-old has bought into his friend Paul Adams's Warehouse Kitchen and Bar and got his hands dirty during a three-week refurbishment on the Southport venue.

Speaking ahead of tomorrow night's relaunch, Mr Adams (47) said: "On the final day of the work we had 40 workmen in here."

"Forty-one actually," interrupted Gerrard.

Mr Adams said: "Steve comes in and says 'How's everything going? Can I help with anything? Here you are, I'll help with that', and he was right in there."

"I got a blister. I had to play my part though," added the Anfield star.

The Warehouse Kitchen and Bar, on West Street, is Gerrard's first venture into the trade.

And he is sure the pair can increase the reputation hotelier Mr Adams has built over 14 years.

"He's got someone to blame now if it doesn't," joked Gerrard.

"I've been coming here for about 11 years now so obviously loved the food and just got chatting to Paul and we've met many times away from the restaurant through mutual friends.

"We've always got on well and I've always taken a massive interest in the Warehouse because I've eaten here and been a big fan of the place.

"I mentioned to him a couple of times before that if ever he was looking for a partner in the Warehouse I'd be interested.

"Football's always going to be my main priority in life up until I retire but you can't play football for ever."

Despite stories about the father-of-two being a talented chef -- and challenging team mates to 'cook offs', Gerrard insisted his hands-on involvement would not extend to the kitchen -- as his wife, model Alex Curran knows.

"You won't like my cooking, believe me -- Alex will tell you that," he said.

"I'll be in the background but it's nice to be involved."