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Gerald and Lisa split... and this time it's for good

THIS time it's definitely over. Gerald Kean and Lisa Murphy have gone their separate ways for a second time.


Having tried to rekindle their love, the Herald has learned there will be no wedding bells for the legal eagle and the model.

The news emerged from a source close to the couple, and was confirmed last night by Lisa's close friend and fellow Dublin Wives star Jo Jordan.

"Myself and Lisa are both very single. I'm meeting her today," Jo Jordan (inset above) told the Herald .

An insider said the couple have been estranged for nearly two months, with their last public sighting together at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards on April 26.



"Both Gerald and Lisa had been doing their best to work through differences, but it just didn't work out," said a source.

"That is extremely sad, but they still have the height of respect for one another and remain good friends."

Gerald is said to have been the one who called off their romance last November. They had been dating for six years and were due to be married this summer.

But within months, the relationship was back on after Gerald jetted the bubbly blonde to Portugal over Easter.

Hopes were high they were back on track when they turned up at Punchestown Races together, hand-in-hand, then stepped out side-by-side at the Peter Mark VIP Awards.

But Gerald then revealed they had some way to go before resuming where they left off.