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Gerald and Lisa over the moon at his exotic new job

CELEBRITY solicitor Gerald Kean and his soon-to-be wife Lisa Murphy will be attending the Ladies Day meeting but won't be jetting down by chopper as they have in previous years.

However, Gerald admits he won't be holding back on the Champagne this afternoon, revealing how he has plenty to celebrate after being appointed honorary consul to Ireland for Mauritius.

And while he and his glamorous fiancee are close to pinning down a date for their nuptials, due to take place in Cork next year, he was remaining tight-lipped about the possibility of honeymooning in the exotic location off Africa.

"I just found out about it, so I'm delighted naturally," he said. "We'll be doing some celebrating when we get to Galway.

"We'll be at Thursday and Friday's meeting and we've been invited to attend a number of social events as well.

"It's always a great couple of days and it's nice to see people out having a good time and putting money back into the economy again."

Gerald and Lisa are among those expected to attend the much anticipated Race Ball at the Radisson Hotel tomorrow night which will be hosted by Galway beauty Grainne Seoige.