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Georgina loves having Westlife Nicky at home

GLAMOROUS mum Georgina Byrne says having her Westlife husband back under her feet at home hasn't gotten old yet.

The couple are spending more time than ever together now that the band are winding down.

And with Nicky Byrne landing his own TV show on RTE, he's going to be at home for twins Rocco and Jay a lot more.

Even though the pair have been together during Westlife's longest running tours, Georgina says she can't ever get used to him being away from home.

Speaking to the Diary, the daughter of Bertie Ahern revealed she hates it when Nicky is on the road and she is thankful that they only spend a few weeks apart now, compared with months.

"I do really miss him when he's gone. When we were younger he used to be gone for really long periods of time on tour and that was hard. While lately I'm lucky because he only goes away for like a week or two. But when they went to China that was quite long again so that wasn't nice. But it's work at the end of the day and you have to take things as they come," she explained.


And thankfully Nicky's new career path is keeping him close to home. The Westlife star has signed up to be the host of RTE's new show Football's Next Star which sees him travel around Dublin, Limerick and Glasgow for filming. Georgina says the new job is a perfect fit for Nicky, who played for Leeds United when he was 16.

"He is absolutely loving it. He was a footballer so for him the whole experience is fun. They have started filming now and he will be going all around Ireland watching people play. It's for a place on the Celtic team so he has to go over to Glasgow as well. It's like exactly what he did so it's mad.

"He was playing football since he was one. He always played with his dad, his dad was a goalkeeper and he was teaching him. When he was 16 he went over (to Glasgow) so this whole show means a lot to him, it is a perfect fit for him," she said.

Georgina made the comments while promoting the Life Style Sports Trainer Scrappage Scheme. Now in it's third year, the scheme will allow people to trade in their old trainers and get 25pc off any full price ASICS trainers.

The Dubliner, who is taking part in the Great Ireland Run this year, said although she's not hugely athletic she loves being motivated.

"I'm not very athletic to be honest but it's a nice thing to do, it keeps me motivated. I did it in an hour and seven minutes last year so I'd really love to get under the hour this year, for me that would be a great improvement.

"I want to try and get faster and faster each time. It's nice to have a goal.

"The Trainer Scrappage Scheme is a great way to recycle your old trainers. Wearing the right footwear when you're running is very important," she explained.