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Georgia's smelling sweet with perfume deal

IT looks like Georgia Salpa is really clinging on to her fifteen minutes of fame.

The Dublin model has revealed that she will be releasing her very own perfume. Despite being dubbed as boring and rude during her time on Celebrity Big Brother, the half-Greek model has decided to cash in on her new notoriety.

The AR model has managed to sign a lucrative deal to release her own fragrance.

The Dubliner who has just moved into a London city apartment, has confirmed that she is currently making her own scent.

Georgia explained that the product will be out in April and she will be doing a photo shoot to go along with the launch.

"I am bringing out my own perfume and I'm really excited. I had a meeting about it week and I can't reveal too many details, but it will be out at the end of April. I want it to have cool packaging and I think I'll do a photo shoot for it."

A source said: "Georgia's management have told her to take advantage of her new found fame in the UK. Paparazzi love her over there, she's in all the papers -- so this is the right time to start putting her name to things."