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Georgia's fears for gran in Greek riots

Georgia Salpa has revealed her fears for her family as violent riots continue to escalate in Greece.

The model, who is half Greek and half Irish, said a number of her relatives, including her grandparents, are based in Athens, where angry workers have been protesting over €36bn austerity measures.

The cuts have brought teachers, municipal workers, pensioners and even members of the military on to the streets.

Last week three workers, including a pregnant woman, were killed when petrol bombs were thrown at a bank in Athens.

Georgia admits that news of the violent protests are worrying, but says she has no plans to cancel her visit to the troubled country in the coming weeks.

"My family actually live in Athens so it is worrying, but they're okay," she told the Herald. "There are always riots in Greece so they know to be on their guard.

"I'm meant to go over there for a long weekend in a couple of weeks and I'm still planning to go ahead with it. I miss my grandparents' cooking so much, I usually go over for a long holiday of a month but this time I think I'll break it up into a few long weekends."


She added: "If I can get a flight over there with the volcanic ash, that is."

The Assets beauty celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday with a quiet meal with her DJ boyfriend, Barry O'Brien, in an exclusive restaurant.

Georgia says she is planning a low-key night out with a group of pals over the weekend, but insists she will not be throwing a high-profile bash, as has become a popular trend for many of her agency colleagues.

Georgia said: "I was actually working on the day of my birthday, as were most of the other girls so I'll probably just go for a few drinks with them at the weekend. Barry actually had to remind me it was my birthday."