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Georgia would be ideal for Playboy, says Hefner star

Model Georgia Salpa has been tipped as Hugh Hefner's next protege.

Glamour girl Jessica Jane Clement, who shot to Playboy fame at 18, claims that the Assets model has what it takes to follow in her footsteps.

Jessica (25), who joined the leggy brunette for a shoot in Dublin, says she plans to put Georgia in touch with Playboy so that she can discuss the possibility of a racy pictorial.

Tragic model Katy French was previously approached to appear in the raunchy mag, while Emma Quinlan, the niece of property mogul Derek Quinlan, is also expected to jet to LA for a shoot this summer.

"Georgia is really stunning," Jessica told the Diary. "I think she's the ideal candidate for Playboy. She has the looks, the figure and she's extremely sexy. Hugh would definitely want her on his books.

"Because she's half Greek she has a very unique look and that's exactly what they're looking for.

"I've met her before because she's the Irish Lynx minx and I've been working with them as the British representative. She's always a pleasure to work with," she added.

Georgia has previously insisted that there was "no way" she would consider doing Playboy -- no matter what the offer was.

In the Dublin shoot, the buxom beauties stripped down to their smalls for the saucy scene, which saw them in a shower to promote Lynx Rise, the newest shower gel and bodyspray from Lynx.