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Georgia drops Catwalk climb to be an Essex girl

MODEL Georgia Salpa has literally got her 'Way' by landing a TV job across the water.

The Diary can reveal that after hitting the UK headlines because of her brief encounter with bad boy Calum Best, Georgia has secured a new job.

The half-Greek model is set to vie for screen time with Amy Childs on The Only Way Is Essex.

Sources have revealed that she met with the full cast and producers before signing on the dotted line with ITV yesterday.

An insider confirmed the news to the Diary, saying that the role in the series is the best career move she could ask for.

"Georgia has got a role on The Only Way Is Essex. This is a huge career move for her, this is going to change everything.

"She will definitely be a cast member and producers are hoping that the role will be a recurring one but she won't know for another few weeks whether she will end up becoming a permanent member of the show. This is a huge deal for her," the source explained.

However, it might not all be smooth sailing for Georgia with insiders suggesting that Calum may be thrown into the show at some stage to mix things up. The pair split after a short relationship when he was photographed leaving a nightclub with Donna Air.

And Georgia will also have to let her Irish mates down by dropping plans to climb Kilimanjaro.

Regardless, it looks like Georgia is already making friends with the famous Essex cast. While holidaying in Marbella this summer with her model pals, Georgia bumped into the stars of the show. A source says they hit it off immediately and have kept in touch over the last few months.

"When Georgia went to Marbella this summer she met the whole cast over there. That holiday is what kicked everything in to motion. They hung out with her and got to know her. She and the girls got on like a house on fire.

"Before she split from Calum she signed on with talent agency Neon management in London. If anything it looks like Georgia will be Mark Wright's new love interest. He is the star of the show and the ultimate ladies man, so it makes sense," the insider told the Diary.

While the leggy model was celebrating last night she also had some bad news to break. Despite promising to climb Kilimanjaro for charity next month, Georgia told the cast and crew of the upcoming documentary Catwalk To Kilimanjaro that she won't be taking part in the climb.

She has been constantly filming scenes alongside Roz Purcell, Louise Johnston, Lynn Kelly and Daniella Moyles while they prepared for their journey up the mountain. But Georgia has decided to skip the climb and instead focus on her new role.

"Unfortunately she has had to pull out of Catwalk To Kilimanjaro," a source said.