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Georgia and I see each other every single day - well, we do live together

I GOT some bad news this week when I learned that I'm going to have to defer my studies for a year because things are so busy.

I had hoped to continue with my university work but the powers that be say I'll have to defer. It's not an ideal situation but I suppose it is the realistic option.

This was also the week I realised that I've become a gym addict since I started training to climb Kilimanjaro.

We had the launch party for the TV3 documentary at Harry's On The Green on Wednesday night and I was overwhelmed with all the generosity.

All the proceeds went to Make A Wish Foundation, for which we will be ambassadors for over the next three months.

It was great for Louise Johnston, Roz Purcell, Georgia Salpa and I to have an opportunity to let our hair down on Wednesday, because we have been training non-stop for the last three weeks.


We generally train Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays in Your Fitness with trainer Patrick McKeogh and then if we want to work out on Tuesday and Thursdays, that's up to us.

It was tough at first but now instead of loathing the gym I am actually really enjoying it now. I'm starting to look forward to working out at the end of the week. I'm also on a strict eating plan, Patrick has given us all a really specific diet plan, with organised meals.

It's been really hectic since we started training and filming three weeks ago. This has definitely been my biggest challenge to date. It makes Total Xposure look like a piece of cake in comparison.

Of course we've also had the cameras following us since we started the whole process so I'm looking forward to seeing the end product.

It's not the most natural thing to be filming in the gym with a big red face but I'm getting used to it now. At first I was quite rigid on camera. But now it's a lot easier. We are all so passionate about this climb, this is our baby.

I live with Georgia so we see each other every day. It's brilliant being housemates. We have been living together for over two months and we're having great fun.

Before the launch we attended some committee meetings and then on Wednesday we did an interview on Today FM with Ray Foley, although Louise couldn't make it as she was at the RTE schedule launch.

Those who were listening may have heard Ray ask Georgia about her friendship with Nadia Forde, (pictured right). I don't know why he did that or where it's coming from.

The media always try to pit models against each other. It's like the supposed rift between Rosanna Davison and Glenda Gilson. As far as I know everything is fine with the girls. Georgia didn't mind being asked about it.

As well as modelling I was doing an Arts degree at NUIG but, as I said, that's on hold now. I was trying to exhaust every avenue before deferring the year, but the Dean of Arts told me yesterday that my only option is to take a year out.

I'm reluctant to have to take the time off. I'm quite upset that I have to because I'd like to be finished next summer. Although I'm really disappointed I will definitely go back and finish my degree, in which I specialise in Psychology.

I'm also keeping busy with RTE's Bulletin TV. On September 19 the crew are heading to Boston and then to New York to film a few episodes.

It's so lovely to be working with my co-presenter Aidan Power. We get on really well. It's unbelievable to work with him on my first show. He's pretty much the Irish version of Ryan Secrest in my opinion.

He has his own morning show on 98fm and he does TV work, but he's so humble. He's not fazed by being a big deal but personally I think he is a big deal.

And we really are good mates, even when we are not filming I'll give him a shout. We text each other all the time and meet up now and then. We definitely have great chemistry on camera.

The week we are in Boston will be my birthday so maybe I'll buy myself a cake over there. I am travelling up to Belfast this weekend with some friends though, so I will be celebrating turning 22 a few weeks early.

Because I'm going to Belfast, I'm going to have to skip Miss Ireland this weekend which I am sad about, I try to go every year.

Next week myself and the girls will be going to the Make A wish offices to meet everybody there. I'm really excited, we will be meeting the parents of the children involved.

Hopefully, if they are happy with our work, we will be kept on as ambassadors. I really want to thank all of our sponsors as well for helping us out, it means so much to us all.

Daniella will join Georgia Salpa, Louise Johnson and Roz Purcell to climb Kilimanjaro in October to raise awareness and funds for Make A Wish Ireland