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George and Brendan catch up on all the fashion gossip

SUAVE TV presenter George Lamb met up with his old mate Brendan Courtney during his visit to Dublin.

The former Big Brother's Little Brother hosted the UK Clothes Show with Brendan, and the pair were reunited for a night out on Tuesday.

"We know each other very well from the Clothes Show," Brendan explained.

Uber-cool George was in Dublin for a photocall and stepped out on to Grafton Street along with stylist Brix Smith.

Both were judging the Triumph Inspiration Awards Irish Final 2011.


The Brown Thomas event celebrates innovative lingerie and the winner will go on to represent Ireland at the Triumph Inspiration 2011 Global Finals in Berlin in July.

In a bizarre twist last month, Eurovision winner Linda Martin was named as George's mother -- though it all turned out to be a mistake.

A UK entertainment magazine had listed Linda as his mum and said she was married to his father, former Eastenders actor Larry Lamb.

But she confirmed to the Herald it was very much a case of "mistaken identity".

"I've been taking loads of calls on it, from relatives and everything, I should imagine he's been getting the same thing.

"I was laughing my head off. I don't even know him, I've never even met him but I would know his face from EastEnders.

"The funny thing is, I looked up photos of his son George afterwards and he looks very much like a Martin.

"But, no, it's just a case of mistaken identity."