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Gentleman Depp delights shocked fans with visit here

A quiet Sunday lunch in the Irish countryside alongside a Hollywood star – it really doesn't get any better.

Acting legend Johnny Depp brought delight to locals in a quiet Westmeath village on Sunday when he stopped by for a spot of lunch.

Depp enjoyed a whistle-stop tour of Ireland where he was joined by Cork actor Cillian Murphy.

The talented actors were in the village of Multyfarnham to pay a visit to acclaimed writer JP Donleavy.



Far from the demanding star, the Willy Wonka actor delighted local children and their parents when he spent time happily posing for photos and chatting to his shell-shocked fans.

However, there wasn't much time for the 50-year-old to sample the delights of the Irish countryside as he was due back in London for filming of his new movie.

Depp and Murphy were joined by a group of seven others, including New York film director Bob Mitchell, who visited the elderly writer.

It is believed that the Hollywood gang were in town regarding proposals to take one of Donleavy's most famous novels, The Ginger Man, to the big screen.

Despite Depp's hectic schedule, he had time for lunch at the award-winning Weirs Bar & Restaurant where Sunday lunch patrons were charmed by his laid-back and friendly nature.

Restaurant and co-owner Una Weir described his personality and demeanour as "beautiful".

"He was a gentleman – so gentle and kind. He was so nice to all the children who wanted his autograph because of Willy Wonka."

"He gave them hugs – he was a lovely guy," she said, adding that he had also tipped well.