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Gemma Arterton's animation love

Gemma Arterton has confessed she and her husband love cosying up in front of cartoons.

The former Bond girl voices turtle Shelly in new 3D animation A Turtle's Tale, and revealed she chose the role because she enjoys watching animations with husband Stefano Catelli, and wanted to be in a film she can show to her children.

Gemma, 25, said: "I've always wanted to do an animation, because me and my husband watch animations all the time. So I wanted to do something that I knew I would just love and you can show to your kids."

And the Clash of The Titans star admitted she was surprised by how quickly she was able to lend her voice to turtle Shelly, in the underwater adventure which has an underlying environmental message.

Gemma said: "You can do it very, very quickly. I managed to do this in a day which is just incredible really. Usually you make a move and it takes two months or something, so it was brilliant and I'd love to another one. I just had so much fun doing this one."

Dominic Cooper, who played Gemma's lover in Tamara Drewe, voices the part of Sammy the sea turtle.

Gemma revealed: "Unfortunately you never get to see the other actors, which is a shame.

"Although I did feel like he was there in the room with me because he'd already recorded his character, and because we'd just worked with each other I could imagine it was him there.

"And even when I watch the movie, it just is Dominic really so it was nice to work with him again, even in that indirect way."

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