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Gaybo hoping his gift of the gab will win over the Comeback Kid

HE has interviewed some of the world's biggest celebrities but Gaybo still has one name on his wish-list --Bill Clinton.

The former Late Late Show host has revealed that his dream guest on his current programme The Meaning Of Life would be the former US president.

And he's hoping that he might be able to nab Bill, whose ability to impress voters earned him the moniker the 'Comeback Kid', when he visits Ireland in the next few days.

"I know Bill is flying into Limerick this weekend," Gay told the Herald.

"And if he was up for it I would definitely head down to chat with him --he would be an incredible guest."

Gay said that he was really enjoying the series and has no desire to return to the Late Late or the Gay Byrne Show.

"It's an incredibly hard gig. I gave it up because I no longer wanted to work a six day week, it was very demanding. You can't call in sick on a radio show, you have to be there every day, it can become exhausting."

But his new series and radio show on Lyric FM suits Gay much more.

"I like the pace of the series. People always say I retired and then returned, but that's not true.

"I was exhausted doing both the Late Late and the Gay Byrne Show. I finally got fed up of them and said I want to do something different and now I'm doing this".

Gay, who was speaking at the BAI/ PPI Hall of Fame, said it was an honour to be listed in the hall of fame.

He also thought it was great that Gerry Ryan had been commemorated.

"Of course it's an honour to be here. And I think it's great for Gerry and his family that he has been recognised."

The Meaning Of Life has been a critical success and a ratings winner. The veteran broadcaster has interviewed a range of showbiz personalities, musicians and singers.

He has interviewed Liam Gallagher, former president Mary MacAleese, Sean Gallagher, Bob Geldof, Martin Sheen, Ben Dunne and Niall Quinn.

"I thought it was very generous of all the people who appear on the show because they are not selling a book or a CD or something -- they're just talking about their life. They are not showed any of the questions before hand, so it's an adventure into space before they come on to the show."