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Gary's giving out is just an act and I can take that, says Janet

IN FRONT of the cameras he calls her boring and predictable, but backstage Gary Barlow is actually a huge fan of Janet Devlin.

The Irish star's mother says the pair, who appear to constantly bicker on the X Factor, have a great relationship behind the scenes.

Tyrone singer Janet was slated by the Take That star on the show last week for her performance and was said to have been extremely upset when Barlow (40) branded her "boring".

But it'll be business as usual for the 17-year-old tonight on the movie themed show and her mum Patricia insisted that the hopeful is not worried about the judges' reaction to her, especially her pal Barlow.

"Janet would say they get on brilliantly, he's actually very positive and pleasant to her backstage," the 47-year-old told the Herald.

"I think it's all for the cameras, he's just protecting his acts, to be honest."

The Gortin native, who previously enjoyed her spot as favourite to win the competition, has been tipped as one of the acts to end up in the bottom two this weekend.

However, the teen is not worried about being toppled from her poll position and will carry on with the task ahead.

"As far as Janet's concerned it's all just about the singing, she just wants to do her best with that and hopes it pays off with the public," said the mum-of-four.

"I'm not worried about it either, the way we look at it is that every week she's there, it is a bonus for her.

"You have to bear in mind that Janet's in the last six of the competition, she's done extremely well so far and beat thousands of others to get where she is.

"She has never seen Amelia coming back as a problem either or a threat to her and she's definitely not worried about who's in front of her in the favourites.

"She's done us and Ireland immensely proud -- hopefully the voters will keep her in and she does have the support of the North and South of the country, which helps."

Meanwhile, former X Factor acts JLS and Rebecca Ferguson have rallied around Marcus Collins.

The singer from Liverpool said he was much more confident about his chances of success after speaking to people who have already made it in the industry.

He said: "I spoke to JLS, people like Rebecca Ferguson who have also been on the show, amazing artists who have given me fantastic feedback and really building me up as a performer.

"Rebecca told me to stay grounded and true to myself and to follow my gut feeling and just gave me some little tips on channelling my nerves and JLS gave me advice about the industry."

And Craig Colton could have a licence to thrill this week after he hinted he might be belting out a Bond anthem on the show.

The singer admitted that his song choice was a "little bit of a risk" but said it was worth it.