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Game of charades in Liam Neeson's house got me role

HE'S one of Meryl Streep's closest friends – but Hollywood actor Stanley Tucci admitted that he only decided to join the cast of hit film Julie & Julia after she persuaded him over a game of charades at pal Liam Neeson's house.


The Devil Wears Prada star jetted into Dublin for a quick visit at the weekend, as a guest of the Jameson International Film Festival.

At the Lighthouse cinema in the city centre on Saturday, Stanley took part in a public interview to discuss his lengthy career in the business. And hundreds of his Irish fans went along to hear him speak about how A-lister Meryl got him to say yes to Julie & Julia while in Irishman Liam's living room.

"Liam and Natasha [Richardson] had these annual parties and everyone would gather round and play charades, it was very amusing but weird too – a load of big actors playing charades with one another," Stanley said.

He also received a Volta award at the festival, which commends actors for their contribution to the film industry.