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Gail stands up for her pal Claudine in baby weight wars

Claudine Keane has come under fire for losing weight so quickly after giving birth.

The Dublin WAG proved she is the ultimate yummy mummy after revealing her trim figure in a bikini shoot this week.

But Claudine has been criticised by other mums, who said that she has lost her baby weight too quickly.

Claudine, wife of Ireland soccer skipper Robbie, was first pictured on a beach looking super svelte just 10 weeks after the arrival of baby Robert last May. And her ability to snap back into shape so easily has garnered her a wave of unfair comments from some women.

But model pal Gail Kaneswaran has leapt to defend the top beauty.

A mum-of-two to Jackson (3) and Kiva (10), she has applauded Claudine for getting back to her pre-baby size. But she has pointed out that the WAG didn't put on that much weight during the pregnancy.

"She put on two stone -- I put on four stone during both my pregnancies and it took me a good two years to lose it," she explained.

"The general idea is that it takes nine months to put it on and it should take nine months to take it off but that's not the case for everyone.

"She was tiny before she got pregnant and she's back to the same size now, a year after she gave birth, which is a decent enough time.

"I saw photos of her the other day and I think she looks amazing.

"She is in the public eye and it's her job to look good. She probably knows that people would be looking at her critically either way -- if she hadn't lost the weight they would slag her off for that."

Some of Claudine's critics on internet forums have said that she lost her weight too quickly. One posted: "Why did you have to follow the English wags? Posing on the front of a tacky magazine and pretending that you just slipped back into that figure... yeah right."

Another one wrote: "What is wrong with these 'celeb' women? Why can't they just allow their bodies to recover after the trauma of giving birth? They should be proud of the stretch marks, and a bit of a fat tum after having a baby -- it's a miracle of life, not a curse to the body!"

Claudine was the envy of new mums everywhere after revealing how she didn't crash diet or hit the gym after leaving the labour ward last May.

But Claudine said she was so overwhelmed at being a first-time mum that she didn't have time to think about her figure.

"I certainly didn't crash diet -- it's so dangerous to starve yourself at a time when you need all your energy and strength to look after your baby, breastfeed and recover from giving birth," she said.

The brainy beauty, who has a first-class degree in Finance and Economics, also admitted that she knows she's lucky when it comes to her weight.

"I am sensitive to the fact some other women struggle more than me to stay slim," she continued.

"When I was a teenager I used to envy my friends who had curvy bodies."

-- MF