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Gail is now a 'classic beauty' as model bosses come out in praise of older women...

GAIL Kaneswaran is officially a 'classic' beauty.

Although ageing has long been considered the kiss of death for any model's career, some of our top beauties are postponing retirement and sticking to the catwalk.

And mum-of-two Gail (pictured left) is leading the pack of veteran models, having officially been moved to the 'Classics' section on the Assets agency website, which features a selection of older women.

The stunning socialite left her long-time agency Compton models earlier this year to join the books of Assets, and is taking her career in a whole new direction.

While Georgia Salpa and Nadia Forde may be at the top of the photocall game, their older counterparts are giving them a run for their money in the style stakes, and become some of the most in-demand ladies on the books of the top agency.

Speaking to the Herald, Assets boss Derek Daniels explained that they wanted to introduce a page that would make it easier for clients to recognise what they are looking for.


"Basically, the idea is just to promote older fashion models, a more mature woman," he said. "Lots of them have modelled throughout the years on and off. It's for a client looking for a model in her 40s, still within the genre of fashion.

"They are mature, attractive, fashion types, experienced people who were working full-time as models.

"A lot of these women have families. For example, Siobhan Mahon, Sheila Eustace, these were all top models in the Eighties. They are all up there, and highly experienced.

"For example, clients like Heatons and Shaws Nationwide, Ryans of Galway, have always requested older models for fashion shows.

"Age shouldn't stop you in fashion. A lot of them have been working on and off, so I thought we'd give them a page to make it easier."

However, he said that stunning Gail is still younger than most of the others in her section, but now fits a different bill due to her years of experience.

"Gail would be a bit younger, she's in her mid-30s, so she's still on the main board as well. It's just easier for clients to be directed straight through to what they're looking for."