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Gaga snubs her own after party for night in Rudy's piano bar

Lady Gaga ditched her own after party in one of Dublin's best known clubs in favour of a low-key evening in a Merrion Row piano bar.

The Pokerface singer was in town for a string of sell-out performances in the O2, but she maintained a surprisingly low profile.

Hundreds of clubgoers flocked to Lillie's Bordello for the singer's official after party, but the woman of the hour was nowhere to be seen.

Although they were joined by some of the star's backing dancers, speculation was rife as to where the pint-sized performer disappeared to after her concert last week.

The Diary can reveal that she was enjoying a more discreet evening at Number Five piano bar underneath the capital's famed Unicorn restaurant on Merrion Row.

Owner Rudy Casari said that the singer popped in for a few hours after her last gig in the O2, and he was as surprised as his guests were that she nipped in for a visit. "I think she was in Residence before or after she came to Number Five," Rudy told the Diary.

"I actually wasn't there when she first arrived, but I ran back to have a look and say a quick hello before she left."

The singer has become just as famous for her style as her music, but was dressed surprisingly demure at the posh bar, according to the businessman.

"She was wearing some black do, she certainly wasn't in her stage gear," Rudy explained.

Number Five is one of the newest clubs to hit the social scene and prides itself on being discreet.

However, after only being open for a few weeks they managed to secure one of the most famous guests in the world -- but still don't know how she heard of the venue.

"We haven't done any real marketing or publicity yet, the piano bar is still relatively new, having only been open since the end of January really. So most of our clientele come in from word of mouth."

As the exclusive venue is set to become the latest VIP celebrity haunt, Mr Casari said he was not in a position to comment on their future plans.

"I'm not confirming anything just yet. We're just going to play it by ear for the moment," he said.