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Fundraisers gear up for special date with star Sheehan

A LEADING charity has been inundated with supporters vying for a chance to go on a date with hunky Robert Sheehan

The Love/Hate star has joined forces with charity Debra Ireland to encourage fundraising.

And the actor has set pulses racing after agreeing to take the charity's top five fundraisers for this year's Dublin mini-marathon out on a dinner date.

The 25-year-old came on board to help efforts to raise €90,000 to continue to provide a home nursing service for Debra Ireland.

And Debra Ireland say the number of representatives taking part in the June 3 event has sky-rocketed since Sheehan got involved.

"It's hugely increased since Robert got on board and we're expecting a big push towards the big day," said Emma Fogarty, Patient Ambassador for Debra Ireland.

"So far, we have approximately 350 signed up to fundraise for the marathon at the moment so we're getting there."

The charity has a history of attracting big name stars to help out its fundraising drives.

Hollywood actor Colin Farrell was on hand to take out the top money-raisers for the charity two years ago.

Debra Ireland is a non-government funded organisation that assists patients with Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a skin condition so severe that sufferers are described as having skin as delicate as the wings of butterfly.

Emma (28),who is the oldest person in Ireland with her form of EB, hails from Abbeyleix in Laois, just down the road from Robert's native Portlaoise.

Bubbly Emma said that Robert and his mum Maria jumped at the chance of helping out the charity.

"I wrote to his mother and to himself and they got in touch and I met his mam," explained Emma.

"He said yes, he didn't hesitate at all. Because he's away filming right now, I haven't spoken to him yet, but I've met his mam and he's very keen.

"It was just a chance, he's hot property at the moment, and everyone wants him," she added.

A date has not yet been set for the special dinner with Robert, but all fundraisers must submit their money before July 19.

For more information visit, www.debraireland.org