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Fun in the sun as Tallafornia set to shoot new series in Majorca

THE Spanish town of Santa Ponsa had better brace itself -- the entire cast of Tallafornia 2 will be converging on it very soon for filming.

The Diary can reveal how the resort on the island of Majorca, always popular with Irish tourists, will form the venue for the new installment of the TV3 reality show.

And this one promises to be even juicier than the last series, which featured everything from castmates getting intimate in the bedroom to vajazzles.

An insider source explained how the cast will be starting filming the programme on the sun-kissed island towards the end of July and will spend over five weeks making the next show.

"They're going to be staying in a really cool villa that's in the centre of all the action. "There's a massive expat community over there, with lots of Irish bars and clubs, so that will add to all the madness as people will recognise the cast more this year than last year," he said.

"The final cast list hasn't been finalised yet but they're at the end stages of negotiations for it with lots of familiar faces coming back and the usual interesting characters."

Among those due to return to the show for a second time are Kelly Donegan and boyfriend Dave Behan, Jay Abbey, Natalie Geraghty and Phil Penny but it's not yet known if Cormac Brannigan will be coming back.

When TV3 first opened up the audition process for the programme last March, they had over 1,000 applicants from fame seekers hoping to join in some of the crew's outrageous booze-filled antics.