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From selfies and fashion shows to mum's 40th in NY for model Rebecca

FROM strutting her stuff on the catwalk at Belfast Fashion Week to fancy awards ceremonies and selfies with UK TV stars, it has been quite the week for Rebecca Maguire.

The striking brunette and former Miss Ireland is fresh off the catwalk after taking part in the Northern Ireland fashion spectacular, her first time to be involved.

"It was amazing, but I was doing 14-hour days at the shows all week, so it was pretty long," she said.

"Then I had the In! Magazine Awards on Saturday and we went from the show to the awards and the after-parties, so it was just crazy.

"I got a selfie with Eamonn Holmes, so that was pretty great."

Statuesque Rebecca has described the catwalk as her favourite part of modelling. She said it was a thrill appearing at the event in her home city.

"Belfast is a bit more special for me because I'm from there and people travel from all over Ireland to see it so it's a great event to be involved with," she said.

The 21-year-old, who has moved back home since signing with the Cathy Martin agency, still divides her time between Belfast and Dublin, where she is on the books of the Assets agency.

"Cathy is like the biggest model booker in Northern Ireland and is behind Belfast Fashion Week," said Rebecca.

"So since I joined her I've had so much work and I'm really lucky to be involved there."

Rebecca will have plenty of time to recover from the madness of the fashion shows and after-parties when she flies off to New York this weekend. The 2012 winner of the Miss Ireland crown will be leaving chilly Ireland behind and hitting the Big Apple with her family and boyfriend to celebrate her mother's 40th birthday.

"It's like everyone's Christmas present," she said. "It has been organised for quite a while and I have never been before so I am very excited."

But the trip will be strictly for pleasure.

Busy Rebecca is a little worried about getting lost, though, because her sense of direction is not exactly up to scratch.

"It's just a pure holiday at the moment," she said.

"Some people have said to me, 'Why don't you go around agencies over there?'


"But the thing is, I get lost in Dublin, so I would definitely get lost in New York. I'm just looking forward to seeing the sights and doing all the tourist stuff."

The super-fit model said her mum, Charlotte, is ready to celebrate her milestone birthday after losing more than a stone with the help of her gorgeous daughter.

"We did an intensive fitness programme over four weeks and my mummy lost a stone-and-a-half, so she looks amazing," said Rebecca. "I did it more for toning up, but I really enjoyed it."