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Forget Vegas, Jedward stay in for 'quiet' 21st

THERE was talk of them flying off to Sin City to celebrate their big day but it now seems Jedward have decided to celebrate their 21st with a quiet night in at home.

The Grimes brothers, who turn 21 next week, had talked about having a monster coming-of-age party in Las Vegas.

There were rumours the party was going to be televised and attended by hundreds of loyal Jedheads.

But instead, John and Edward will be keeping things low-key -- staying at home with their folks.

Neither of the boys drink, so perhaps steering clear of Vegas is a good idea.

Last month Edward said they were both glad to have made it to 21 without giving in to the pressure to drink.

"Well I think me and John are so proud of ourselves. It's going to be our 21st birthday and we still haven't had any alcohol, still haven't done anything crazy."


John said that the prospect of turning 21 doesn't scare him.

"Like, for other people it's like 'Whoah, 21' but me and Edward, we're still going to be the exact same."

Edward, however, said he'd like to keep things casual in the hope that fans would forget how old they are getting.

"We're not really bringing that much attention to it because we want people to all think we're still 16."

The brothers have had a busy week, their new music video Luminous launches on Friday and the brothers have been doing countless rounds of interviews to promote the new single.

They've also been treating their 700,000 Twitter followers to sneak peeks of the video.