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Forget supermum, I'll be taking my six months off, says Colette

Celebrity mum-to-be Colette Fitzpatrick intends to work up to two weeks before the eagerly awaited event.

The TV3 star, who returned to her presenting job on Midweek following a three-month break over the summer, looked gorgeous despite being seven months pregnant.

The talented TV anchorwoman intends to work on the evening show almost up until her due date -- November 15 -- but she insisted that she would not be a supermum who goes back to work shortly after giving birth.

"I'm going to stay off work as long as I'm legally entitled to," she said

"I'm not going to be a supermum who comes back after four weeks.

"I'm going to take six months off and get to know the baby," the pretty brunette added.


The Herald columnist showed no signs of anxiety over the impending birth of her first child yesterday, despite revealing earlier this year that she was concerned for her job security while she was off on maternity leave.

At the time, she had described TV as a "cut-throat industry" and had received words of support from mother-of-eight Miriam O'Callaghan.

"The whole thing about being a woman in broadcasting is that it is a fickle career.

"If you're female it's a much less secure industry than other areas," the RTE star said.

"You have to fight your corner much more intensely. It's oodles and oodles harder for women.

"It is an insecure business, but I think she'll be fine."

She added: "Of all the people who need to worry, Colette is not one of them. She runs that place."