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Forget LA, I am far too busy having fun on radio – Daniella

SHE may not have a gig lined up in LA just yet, but Daniella Moyles is still doing plenty of travelling these days thanks to her post as a resident co-host on iRadio.

The 26-year-old model-turned-presenter is trekking back and forth to Athlone every day to take to the airwaves for her night-time show alongside Cormac Moore.

Although it has been a tiring transition, Daniella said she's found her feet in broadcasting.

"I've adjusted to it now, but it does make for a very different kind of lifestyle," she told the Herald.

"Not that I had a regular schedule really before, but whatever routine I did have changed when I got the job in February.

"I absolutely love it," she said.

With her sights on being a full-time anchor in the future, the brunette insisted three hours of live radio every weekday evening has given her far more experience than she expected.

"It's essentially a non-formatted show and you've a whole, massive workload every night," Daniella said.

"Before we did the first show we were very nervous, well I was anyway. Myself and Cormac were just getting to know each other and it was alien to us.

"But because I have a background in TV I know the basics and the entire process of radio is fantastic."


"I know I will absolutely stay in this industry for a long time to come," she added.

Daniella, who launched the seventh annual Pedigree Adoption Drive this week, has just returned to Irish shores following two weeks in the US with her other half, DJ Dara Quilty, where she enjoyed some time off but also met with a TV agent.

She insisted a move stateside is not on the cards at the moment: "It would be a big move and I want to know I'm going over for right reasons."