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Forget fast cars and clubs... Tullow Tank buys new trailer

IRELAND rugby star and full-time farmer Sean O'Brien snapped up a brand new cattle trailer with his spoils from the Six Nations Championship.

The European Player of the Year puts as much enthusiasm into his farming as he does his game. While the rest of the lads are splashing out on luxury cars or expensive holidays in the sun -- O'Brien is pumping it back into the farmland.

He previously revealed how he decided to purchase a tractor with his first pay cheque from Leinster.

And now 'Tullow Tank' has splashed out on a trailer for his cattle farm in Carlow.

The back row messaged the Ireland captain for the English game, Rory Best, about his shiny new purchase.

Best is also a dedicated dairy farmer in his home town of Armagh and is already building up a local reputation for his growing herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle.

Sean O'Brien wrote online to Best: "To all the farmers out there...new addition to the O'Brien farm" accompanied with a picture of the new trailer.

O'Brien (25) said that after he signed his first Leinster contract, he pumped the money into a shiny new tractor for his farm.

And he said that he got some slagging from the rest of the team.

"They're into the cars up there more so than their tractors," he said.

Although some of his team mates would be regulars on the social scene, O'Brien has spoken about shunning the glamorous side of fame in Dublin.

"Invitations to nightclubs come through the door but I wouldn't be bothered," he previously said.

Meanwhile, O'Brien's team mate Rob Kearney was on the receiving end of some playful slagging while putting the Portarlington women's rugby team through their paces.

"We practised a couple of attacking and passing drills," said club secretary Fiona McCann.

"Rob gave us some great advice on our line-out technique.

"Some of the girls gave him a bit of ribbing over the game at the weekend, but we made sure not to overdo it."

Kearney, still hurting from last Saturday's bruising encounter with England at Twickenham, imparted his rugby knowledge during a five-and-a-half-hour training camp.