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Forget Beyonce, I was excited to meet Jay Z, says Dylan

Celebrity chef Dylan McGrath has revealed how he bonded with Jay Z over his love of rap.

And he admits that he was more bowled over by the superstar producer and performer than his bootylicious wife Beyonce.

One of the world's best-known couples enjoyed a romantic dinner date in his restaurant Fade Street Social during Beyonce's four-night run at the O2 Dublin.

And the Masterchef judge said that the pair, who are worth an estimated €500m, hit all the right notes with him.


"Me and Jay Z had a little chat about 'I Love The Dough', which he wrote with Biggie which is a song I love from years ago and we had a little chat about that," he said.

"They were really polite and really pleasant and cool. I was more interested in meeting Jay Z than Beyonce to be honest. She's amazing, she's Beyonce but he's class and he's such a clever guy."

He told the Herald that he had no idea the power couple were coming into his restaurant.

"I got a phone call from my brother Billy saying, 'Beyonce's in here with Jay Z' and I said, 'that's nice for her.' And he said, 'go in and say hello' and I was like, 'What am I going to say to Beyonce?'

"They arrived late at half 10, quarter to 11 and I was in the area for something and I was coming into Rustic and I said, 'I'll take a stroll up.'

"The pair of them were sitting on their own in the restaurant downstairs with some bouncer dudes across from them. It was the end of the night so I made sure the staff waited to cook for them at 11."

He left the pair to enjoy their meal of Pumpkin Flatbreads along with a strip steak and chips before going down to say 'hello'.

Dylan also resisted the urged to take a selfie in his restaurant with the famous duo, opting instead to "keep it sweet and brief."

"I wouldn't do that. Imagine being them? It's bad enough me as the owner of the restaurant going, 'Lovely to meet you, just want to see if you enjoyed everything.' They were completely gorgeous."

Yet down-to-earth Dylan insisted that luring A-list celebrities into his restaurants isn't his priority as he prefers to keep things under the radar. "It's lovely that they're there but I wouldn't be into that name-dropping thing. Build it and they'll come," he added.

"I don't think you can build a business on whether Justin Timberlake is sitting in a car outside and I'm giving him out f**king salad in a plastic container," he continued.

"I don't believe in dropping that (information) to make the business successful. Those days are gone. You work your businesses in a different way."