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Fond farewell to Tara

DUBLIN'S movers and shakers will be out in force tomorrow night to give socialite Tara Sinnott a send- off to remember -- but it looks like her new VBF Caprice will have to miss out on the action.

The US model, who has hired Tara to take over the role of vice-president of her company from next month, has had to pull out of attending the bash in Buck Whaley's VIP area due to a last-minute business trip to Hong Kong.

Tara, who is the daughter of former owner of the Olympia Gerry Sinnott, explained how blonde bombshell Caprice is already planning a get-together in London next weekend to welcome her to the UK instead.

In addition to working together on a daily basis, the two are also set to share Caprice's three-bedroom house in Notting Hill.

However, Tara is confident their friendship is strong enough to survive the challenge.

"I'm not nervous at all, we've become really good friends over the past couple of years," the Red Carpet Agency owner said.

"She's a super professional. I told her '100pc you are my boss when we're in the office and when we're at home we're friends.'

"There will be that separation. She's great.


"She's been getting the house ready for my arrival and has lots planned for me already.

"We're going to spend next weekend together and get everything sorted.

"Unfortunately she can't make it over to the party. Leigh [Arnold] will also have to miss it as she's already gone to New York and Michelle Heaton has to be in London on Saturday morning," she added.

Among the big names jetting in to attend the invite only party is Hollyoaks star Gerard McCarthy.