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First the wedding... now Brippa share baby secrets on TV

IT'S from here to maternity for Brian and Pippa.

The celebrity couple are already in talks about filming another reality TV show based around Pippa's pregnancy.

"It makes sense after the show about the wedding," 27-year-old Pippa told the Herald. "It's the next phase".

Last year, RTE broadcast a one-off hour-long documentary Brian and Pippa Get Married followed TV presenter Brian and model Pippa as they prepared for their big day.


The show, which contained plenty of tension, tears and tulle, was a ratings hit.

So it makes sense that RTE would commission a sequel and document the next chapter in the couple's life.

Pippa has already been talking to the producers of Brian and Pippa Get Married, Straywave Media.

"I've spoken to Straywave about doing a show about the pregnancy. I'm good friends with them and I'm always chatting with them about ideas for TV shows anyway."

Straywave were the brains behind Fade Street and Celebrity Salon. They are also currently filming Vogue and Brian McFadden's reality TV pilot with the intention of selling it on to an Australian network.

Pippa says working with Straywave has always been a pleasure and would love to work with producer John Norton in the future.

"It's still early days but we would want to start filming soon because I'm not going to stay like this forever," Pippa laughed.

Despite being over four months pregnant, Pippa is as petite as ever.

"Yeah, it's not much of a baby bump yet," she admits. "It's more like a little pouch, a kangaroo pouch, but it's getting there."


The bubbly blonde said: "I haven't had any weird cravings, at least I don't think I have.

"I think half of that is in your head. Things like ice-cream and chocolate and sweets. I don't know if you really are craving them or you're just letting yourself eat all that rubbish because you're pregnant and can get away with it.

"I'm really enjoying it, not watching your diet -- it's great. I can eat what I want when I want."

But despite eating a ton of junk food, the mum-to-be is glowing and definitely looks ready for her close up.