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Fashion Week was fab, but spying on Posh and Becks was even better


Designer Victoria Beckham. AP Photo

Designer Victoria Beckham. AP Photo

Designer Victoria Beckham. AP Photo

I'VE had a week of backstage passes, behind-the-scenes looks at the biggest runway shows of the season and a chance to see some of the world's most glamorous stars.

But my favourite part of New York Fashion Week was being feet away from Victoria and David Beckham in a restaurant.

We were brought to dinner to this trendy place called ABC Kitchen, and as soon as we sat down there was a hush around the table as Posh, Becks and their four children were just a few tables from us.

It was absolutely amazing – I almost died. I get to interview some pretty cool people in my job with Xpose, but seeing Victoria in real life was just out of this world.

Of course, we all made unnecessary trips to the toilet and cloakroom to walk past them.

Posh was immaculately made up, as you'd expect. She'd had her catwalk show earlier that day, so she was dressed to the nines in Manolo Blahniks, a beautiful dress and a navy cape.

Everyone knows she rarely smiles or shows off her teeth, so I wasn't surprised when I saw her covering her mouth as she ate salmon and steamed vegetables. David, meanwhile, could barely put Harper down – they were attached at the hip. But they had nannies there on standby, so he could enjoy his meal.

Getting to run around to all the shows at New York Fashion Week is an experience unlike anything you can imagine.

I got to go last year too, but this time we were brought over by Maybelline so we had a lot more access.

I flew to the Big Apple last Friday. As soon as we got off our flight, we headed straight for the hotel to drop off our bags and quickly change our clothes before heading off to the first event.

Everything runs 45 minutes late in New York, so it's bedlam between shows because you're all running for taxis to get you from one venue to another with thousands of others. It's a great buzz, though, and there is so much energy.

Xpose got to go to nine shows this year, including ones by exclusive brands such as Herve Leger and Carolina Herrera.

We spotted Anna Wintour on Monday and Olivia Palermo on Tuesday, as well as Twilight actress Anna Kendrick and Nigel Barker from America's Next Top Model.


Everywhere we went there were a lot of people getting their picture taken. And to be honest, with some of them we didn't know if they were famous or not. But they were all so glam and high society.

These past couple of days, I've had a chance to have some downtime. I'm not that into shopping and even though I've been surrounded by clothes for the past week, I don't have too much interest in buying anything for my wardrobe. But I'm obsessed with beauty stuff, so I'm planning to pick up nice hair brushes and make-up. I'm also going to bring home candles from Anthropologie, I love them.

Thankfully, the bad weather has died down, so hopefully the flight back to Ireland won't be too rocky.

I'm really looking forward to chilling out at the weekend and catching up with friends and family.