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Fashion Week puts Angela's dress search on hold

THE holidays are well and truly over.

And for flame-haired TV presenter Angela Scanlon (right) that means revisiting her choice of wedding dress.

Angela got engaged sitting on a beach in India last year and will tie the knot this June.

"Planning the wedding is going well-ish," she told the Diary. "But I still don't have a dress – not ideal!"

"I got one in a second-hand thrift store last year but now I realise I look like a nun in it, which isn't the worst thing in the world but not exactly what I had in mind," she laughed.

"I don't know what came over me – I was trying to be the anti-bride, I'm allergic to the typical fairy meringue situation but I may have gone too far the other way. So the hunt continues."


Angela and her fiancé Roy will get married in a small ceremony in Wicklow.

"It'll be fairly low-key and a bit of a hooley," she said.

"We've picked the venue – we both fell in love with it. Now that's sorted the rest will all fall into place, that's what I'm telling myself."

But before that, the redhead is planning TV projects and preparing for New York Fashion Week.

"I'm going over to Manhattan to cover Fashion Week there. I'm really excited because I've never done that before," she said. She'll also be returning as resident host of London Fashion Weekend.

"It's deadly," she said. "Those big live events are what I love doing and the space is even bigger this season too – so more madness."

The presenter has a few TV projects in the pipeline following on from the success of her Reality Bites documentary Oi Ginger!

"I loved filming Oi Ginger! It was definitely one of the highlights of last year. We got a great reaction from gingers and non-gingers," she said. "I found it really refreshing doing something completely removed from fashion and that world.

"I'm working on a few TV projects which are the opposite of fashion but I can't really talk about them yet. But watch this space."

Next Monday, Angela will be teaming up with funky make-up label Smashbox to host a fancy dinner in Fade Street Social.

Top photographer Davis Factor will be flying in to shoot Angela for a glossy UK magazine.

"It's a really cool label and I'm delighted to be working with Davis. He's shot some of my favourite people in the world including Javier Bardem who he probably touched, which basically means he's my boyfriend!" she laughed. "It should be a really fun night."