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Fans will soon see I'm more than a RAW troublemaker says Marcella

IT doesn't come naturally to her but actress Marcella Plunkett admits she's relishing her new role playing the bitchy character of Ellen in RTE restaurant drama RAW.

The talented young actress plays the role of Jojo's gorgeous cousin Ellen, an out-of-work architect who has just returned home from New York and is keen to stir up some trouble for her childhood nemesis.

Plunkett, who had a part in Oscar-winning film Once, explained how she's had to adapt to having fans of the show approach her while she's out and about to tell her Ellen's a bitch.

But the Wicklow-born actress says viewers will soon see her character's softer side as the relationship between her and Jojo, played by Charlene McKenna, softens.

"It's funny I was in the supermarket the other day and someone said to me 'It's you!'," she told the Herald.

"She asked was I on the TV the other night and then said 'You're such a bitch!'

"I've had to get used to that, it's a big change, but I love it. I really really enjoyed working with the cast.

"They're very comfortable and know their characters inside out so it was a little bit intimidating I suppose to come into that but they really were great.

"You'll see she's not such a bitch as the series goes on, but I'll have to let the viewers make their minds up on that one

"She doesn't get Bobby (Liam Garrigan) at all, they have one of those 'It's not you, it's me moments' and he tells her he's not interested, she hasn't managed to take the shine off Jojo at all," she added.

Marcella is now finished working on RAW but is hopeful the series will be commissioned for a fourth series and that Ellen will return.

Since filming the TV series the IFTA-nominated actress has been working alongside Amy Huberman on the set of Stella Days.

Marcella plays the lead female role in the film, that of Molly, whilst Amy plays her sister, Eileen, a local woman who becomes involved with the mission of parish priest Daniel (Martin Sheen).

Both ladies have been nominated in separate categories at this year's IFTA Awards, which take place on February 12 at the Convention Centre and are looking forward to catching up, according to Marcella.

The brunette beauty will go head-to-head with Hollywood actress Saoirse Ronan for the supporting film actress award, marking her first nomination at the annual awards.

"Yes it is my first time to be nominated, I'm delighted and thrilled," she explained.

"It must have been about seven years ago that I went with a group from Bachelor's Walk.

"I wasn't personally nominated but the show was and it won, which was great," she added.