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Fans' frenzy as Clooney attends Italian trial

It's no wonder the Italian businessmen claimed George Clooney was behind their fashion line -- the actor knows how to wow an audience whether he's on the red carpet or the witness stand.

Maintaining his trademark aura of cool, Clooney delivered a few wisecracks yesterday as he testified against three defendants accused of co-opting his name with the goal of launching a fashion line.

The appearance of the star, who maintains a villa on nearby Lake Como but is rarely seen there in public, sent the normally staid Milan courthouse into full celebrity tilt. Clooney had to push his way through a wall of cameras into the courtroom, saying "scusa, scusa," -- "Excuse me" in Italian -- and warning: "don't crush my lawyers".

Fans packed the tiny courtroom. The judge repeatedly told spectators to be quiet and tossed out a woman who snapped a photo of Clooney.

The 49-year-old actor wore a navy blue suit, crisp white shirt and red-spotted blue tie as he addressed the court through an interpreter, throwing in occasional words in Italian and apologising for his lack of fluency.

He testified that photos that purported to show him with two of the defendants were doctored and signatures on documents were forged.

Only one defendant -- Vincenzo Cannalire -- attended the trial.

Clooney turned to greet him after recognising the man from one of the photos he was looking at.

"This is the first time I've ever seen him," Clooney said, motioning to the defendant. Then with just a trace of irony, Clooney added, "So I'd like to say hello, nice to meet you."

Two others also charged with criminal fraud in the case are Vanja Goffi and Francesco Galdelli.

Clooney said one photo purporting to show him with Goffi was instead doctored from a photo of Clooney and an ex-girlfriend.