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Fans defend Chris after 'ugly' review

IT'S not all plaudits and glowing tributes for Hollywood hunk Chris O'Dowd, you know.

Back in town to promote his new movie Sapphires while also working on his latest project Calgary, the Roscommon native was left less than impressed after being referred to in rather unsavoury terms this week in a British newspaper.

The Bridesmaids star took to Twitter to vent his frustration at the Evening Standard who described our finest export in dubious terms as a "pug ugly, low born Celt". He retorted: "Pug ugly I can live with, but what does low born even mean?"

He was then inundated with messages of support from his fans who leaped to defend him.

The inflammatory reference to the Irishman's appearance was made in a review of his new flick, which premiered at the Savoy cinema on Tuesday night and saw O'Dowd joined by his sexy wife Dawn Porter as he met with his legions of fans.

The movie tells the story of a music manager, who decides to form an Aboriginal girl group, who are then sent to the US troops fighting in the Vietnam War.