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Fame not fortune as Tallafornia stars get just €60 a day

FAME rather than fortune attracted applicants to trashy Tallafornia as they were only paid €60 a day.

An insider has revealed to the Herald that the housemates of the TV3 show took home the same wage as the cast of ITV's The Only Way Is Essex.

Producers of the hit reality series are in negotiations with the Dublin-based cast for season two and a source admitted that bosses were hoping to send them over to a Spanish resort.

It is tipped that they could wind up in Santa Ponsa or Malaga, where they will be put up in a villa.

"It won't be easy for them this time around -- for season one they could ring all the clubs around Dublin and give them only a few hours notice. They won't be known over in Spain, it'll definitely prove tricky for them ... but they're confident that everyone from the first round will sign up for the next season."

An insider added that while Tallafornia had done wonders for Assets model Kelly Donegan's (22) career, as well as boosting personal trainer Dave Behan's (26) customer base, self-employed Jay Abbey (30) and taxi driver Cormac Brannigan (29) lost out hugely in the making of the show.

Meanwhile, ladies man Phil Penny (22) is still unemployed.

The reality stars are rumoured to be in talks to increase their fee for season two and, according to insiders ,the cast are hoping to secure a wardrobe allowance, to reduce personal costs.

"They make all their money from endorsements and their public appearances in nightclubs. Of course it was expensive for everyone in the house, they bought new clothes and had to take time off work for the four weeks of filming.

"But they all knew what they were signing up for and the majority of them are much busier now since doing it -- a couple of the girls even get free dresses or borrow outfits from boutiques. They get about €500 for showing up to a nightclub for less than two hours. It can be tedious, but it's good money and they just can't turn it down. It's not like they have to pay for petrol or anything either, they all get chauffeur-driven cars to events."

There is speculation that part-time DJ Natalie Geraghty (21) may not be in the line-up for the fly-on-the-wall production going forward.

"There has been talk that Natalie won't do the next season, but nothing is set in stone yet," said the insider. "She's lovely, but when you're up against Kelly and Nikita, she doesn't come across as well on camera. But she was happy with how she came across."