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Fair City's Damien celebrates new baby... and new contract

FAIR CITY star Maclean Burke is celebrating becoming a dad for the fourth time.

The actor, who plays Damien Halpin in the long-running RTE soap, and his wife Aishling became parents to baby girl Beau.

Little Beau arrived into the world on Tuesday, and is little sister to Cillian (10), Jude (9) and Ava (8).

Beau arrived in the same week that Damien signed a new Fair City contract.

"We had a baby girl last Tuesday and we have called her Beau. We've had her after an eight-year gap so it's a big learning curve for us again. We had three kids before now, and they were like stepping stones, you know, the very typical Irish family, they are 10, nine and eight," he said.

"This time we can probably sit back and enjoy it a little bit more. There's things we definitely forgot about. Like crawling the walls at night-time nappy changes."

Maclean then received news that he would be getting an extended contract for his role on Fair City.

In the same week that insurance company Aviva announced they are losing more than 900 staff members, Maclean says he feels lucky to have a job.

"I got the contract the same day Aviva announced it was letting go over 900 people, it's a really sad week for all their employees. Obviously I was delighted for us, money makes the world go round and it's tough at the moment," he said.

"It's perfect timing for us with the baby, it's nice to feel secure. I emailed the bosses back straight away and said said baby Beau is very happy to accept your offer."