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Fair City star in queue bust-up with fellow cabbies

FAIR CITY star Tommy O'Neill is embroiled in a row over a €10 taxi fare.

The actor, who plays Detective John Deegan in the hit soap, works as a taxi driver part-time and sparked the anger of a fellow driver over queuing.

An angry cabbie, known as 'Tony', contacted radio show Liveline to air his grievances publicly yesterday.

He told Joe Duffy that the incident had happened in front of the Burlington Hotel on Saturday night.

"When he dropped his passengers, people proceeded over to his car and he took them, instead of directing them to the taxis which is what we do.

"I knocked on his driver's window and asked him what he was doing, that there was a queue outside and he screamed at me: 'They asked for me'."

Tony then mentioned O'Neill's criminal past -- he was convicted of armed robbery some 30 years ago.

Last year, Tommy revealed that he had been a troubled young man who became addicted to alcohol at just 17.

Speaking on RTE's Liveline yesterday, Tommy O'Neill admitted that he should have queued up to pick up passengers.

"First of all let me state from the outset that yeah, I was wrong," he said.

"But you are working in a recession and every driver out there knows. People think I'm on the telly and I'm rich.

"Every actor has another job.

"I wish the taxi regulator would give me my €6,000 for my licence back because to be honest I hate it."