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Fair city gang boss will be last baddie i play unless Hollywood comes calling, reveals don

ACTOR and songwriter Don Baker says his current role as prison baddie on Fair City will be his last foray into the underworld.

Baker, who will be seen returning to Carrigstown this week as gang boss Thomas Flynn, says he'd rather concentrate on classical music than be typecast as a thug.

But the actor, who famously played a chilling IRA bomber In The Name Of The Father, says he is willing to play the tough guy again if Hollywood comes knocking.

Fair City viewers have been watching a gripping storyline unfold over the past number of episodes and the drama promises to come to a head this week.


Don told the Herald that he was enjoying the experience of being back on the Fair City set after 10 years. He previously played the part of Thomas in a one-hour special in 2002. Dedicated viewers of the show may remember the sinister character who was a drug pusher.

"I was invited back on after the years. They sent me a script that I liked and I'm enjoying it," he said.

The musician has admitted he is not a big fan of soaps and only began watching Fair City again after he was asked to appear on it: "I don't watch soaps at all. I've been watching it over the past few weeks to try to get into character and to see what was happening. I don't watch TV -- I'm too busy studying classical music. I've been playing the piano for the past 12 years. I have concerts around the country and I write songs so that's what I do in my spare time."