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Fair City Alan's week of juggling screen and stage

Fair City's Alan Devine obviously likes a challenge -- he'll be double-jobbing between the RTE soap and his new play.

The Galway-born actor, who played the part of Tom Crean in the Guinness ads, has revealed how he'll be juggling two jobs next week after signing up to new production My First Time.

Co-starring Leigh Arnold, Claire Tully and Alan Shortt, he was drafted in to take the place of Keith Duffy after he was forced to pull out due to the death of his Boyzone pal Stephen Gately last October.

Alan plays the part of Louie Gleeson in the long-running soap and will keep to its strict filming schedule while appearing in the Michael Scott production.

"I actually worked with Keith in Fair City for a few weeks and he's always so busy. And now he's back in Corrie, he just couldn't do both.

"So next week's going to be a bit crazy for me because the show will starts its run in Tallaght and I'll have to go straight from the Fair City set. I'm not complaining one bit -- it's just amazing to have so much work," he explained.

Despite telling the real-life stories of the weird and wonderful circumstances where people lost their virginity, he is adamant that it's not a risque production.

"It's not really because the play is structured in such a way that it's more recounting people's stories," he added.

"It's actually very funny and we do interact with the audience and tease them a little bit."

The concept started in 1998 when a website was set up to allow people to anonymously share their own stories about losing their virginity, sparking more than 70,000 tales about that memorable encounter.

The play starts running at the Civic Theatre on Monday February 22 before starting its nationwide tour on March 5 in the Mullingar Arts Centre.