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Fade Street star Dani -- I'll quit TV for college and real career

REALITY star Dani Robinson will be swapping Fade Street for college next year as she says she is giving up TV work to finish her degree.

The Wexford native dropped out of a psychology course to star in the RTE reality show but says she is now ready to quit the TV game to do something more meaningful with her life.

"I was doing a degree in sociology and psychology but I left it to do Fade Street. Now I realise that the show is not enough, it doesn't give me fulfilment," said Dani, who plans to study with the Open University. "I know that Cici is having a good time DJing and I know Louise is really enjoying the show but I'm really not feeling it, I want to do more with my life now.

"I didn't know what to expect when I first got into the show but now I know that reality TV isn't really my thing."

Dani, who works in Dublin Ink tattoo parlour, says after years of suffering from clinical depression she wants to use her skills to help others and is even considering following in co-star Vogue Williams' footsteps and moving over to Australia to practise as a counsellor.

"I'd love to be a school counsellor, but I can't do that in Ireland. I don't want to be Dani from Fade Street giving people advice. My dad's from Melbourne in Australia so I have an Australian passport, maybe I'll set up over there instead," she said.

"If the producers wanted to do another series then I would have to make a decision but I know I'm not going to jeopardise my education again.

"I'm not putting my life on hold again for the show."